The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine commissioned the government to fulfill President’s orders on efficient anti-inflation measures.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, NSDC Secretary Raisa Bohatyryova claimed this to a news conference on Friday, commenting on the results of the NSDC session.

She stressed that the government and the NSDC have the common task – to prevent the society form becoming disappointed with their ability to protect citizens from crises.

“The government, which has been more and more busy with political struggle for electoral ratings and political prerequisites, does not take into account the global economic crisis when it forms the domestic market policy”, R.Bohatyryova said.

According to her, NSDC analyzed the government activities over the last several weeks, and concluded that the government’s policy in defending national interests has been ineffective. In particular, there is no governmental policy of defending the internal market, and adapting it to the WTO demands.