In order to survive and kick away Russian invaders from the larger part of Donbas, Ukraine paid a very high price – lives of its best sons and daughters,” after these words, the attendees honored the memory of the deceased with a moment of silence.

Photo from UNIAN

Petro Poroshenko emphasized: “Ukraine is proud of its Army and trusts it as much as it trusts the Church. There is no more respected public authority than the Armed Forces,” according to the report.

“Please accept the sincerest congratulations from me, as Supreme Commander-in-Chief, and the people of Ukraine,” he said.

“Officer and soldier are the main and the most respectful people in Ukraine. You are the best and the most valuable people we have. You are the first and so far the only ones who deserved the right to be called true Ukrainian elite with your blood and sweat, life and health, courage and patriotism, unselfishness and self-sacrifice,” the President noted.

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