Party of Regions leader Victor Yanukovych will write a preface to “World of Levkas” three-volume edition dealing with the ancient painting techniques on a wooden basis.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, Member of Parliament Yan Tabachnyk claimed this to a press conference in Chernivtsi.

He noted that Party of Regions members initiate and support a whole range of cultural, art, and spiritual projects. “World of Levkas is one of such projects, aimed at restoring in Ukraine the ancient technique of painting on a wooden basis, which was brought to the territory of Kyiv Rus from Byzantium in X century”, Ya.Tabachnyk said.

One of the project initiators is Chernivtsi collector Leonid Liberman. More than a hundred artists from Ukraine, USA, Lithuania, Romania, and Moldova take part in the project. The three-volume edition will comprise over 400 masterpieces of famous artists.