Boriz Berezovsky’s Fund of the Civil Freedoms (FCF) gave to the Prosecutor General’s Office evidences of a witness who claims that Speaker Olexandr Moroz and Head of Russian Alfa-Group Company were the customers of Georgy Gongadze’s death, according to Ukrayinska Pravda.

If followed from Chief Executive of FCF Olexandr Goldfarb’s Tuesday press-conference.

According to him, the witness is not a citizen of Ukraine and gave testimony on the territory of the US.

In his attestations he declared that at summer-end of 2000 Olexandr Moroz had visited Moscow several times to seek financial and political aid from Alfa-Group.

Moroz needed money for supporting of his political party and gaining patronage of some Russian MPs in order to oust Leonid Kuchma from his president’s office, the FCF press-release says.

Then appeared Mayor Melnichenko’s records where Kuchma supposedly ordered his aids to make away with Gongadze.

Izmaylov gang headed by Anton Malevsky and his partner Serhiy Aksyonov agreed to kill Georgy casting a shadow on Kuchma.

According to the witness, Alfa-Group in exchange for their help was promised to profit by lucrative privatization objects in energy and other fields as soon as Moroz seized power.