Four miners, who suffered after explosion of methane that occurred in Karl Marx mine in Yenakiyevo town in the east of Ukraine on Sunday morning, are in a grave condition. They underwent medical treatment in the burns center of the Institute for Emergency and Reparative Surgery in Donetsk.

According to the information of the Donetsk Oblast State Administration, out of them three suffered on the surface, and were hospitalized to the burns center on June 8, and one was brought to the surface from the mine on June 9, and also hospitalized to the burns center.

On the whole, 29 suffered miners are undergoing medical treatment in local hospitals. Out of them, five suffered on the surface, and 24 – in the mine. Their state of health is satisfactory. Only few of them have burns and injures, the majority are getting treatment for what the physicians call ‘situational neurosis’.

As UNIAN reported earlier, huge explosion that has no precedents in the history of Ukraine’s mining industry, occurred in Karl Marx mine in the east-Ukrainian Donetsk region on Sunday morning. 37 people were reported to be underground. Out of them, 24 were brought to the surface, one miner was found dead, and the plight of another twelve missing miners still remains uncertain.