Paul McCartney is said to be on the verge of announcing a mammoth two-year world tour, which is also being rumored to be his last, according to Britain`s The Mirror.

McCartney`s world tour will reportedly include over 100 shows, taking in Europe, North and South America, Asia, and Australia.

According to a source, McCartney will be settling down after the tour to look after his four-year-old-daughter Beatrice from his soon-to-be-dissolved marriage to Heather Mills: "Paul explained that this tour will be the last big one. He wants to settle down and enjoy Beatrice`s childhood. The tour will be the last time he performs in many parts of the world. Beatrice and his family life are going to come first. He does not want to be away for months at a time."

McCartney`s upcoming tour is expected to be bigger than his mammoth 1989-1990 world tour during which he performed 108 shows in Europe, U.S., Japan, and Brazil.

His last major tour, in 2002 and 2003, netted McCartney $126 million for 58 shows. McCartney`s new tour is expected to earn the former Beatle a cool $220 million.

McCartney has released a new song, called "Lifelong Passion (Sail Away)," which fans can purchase at his website by donating $25 or more to the Adopt-a-Minefield campaign.

The song, which is part of his avant garde sound projects credited to the Fireman in conjunction with DJ-producer Youth, is the first time a Fireman track has had lyrics and been released under McCartney`s name.

McCartney and Youth have previously released two albums of dance and ambient music under the Fireman banner, 1993`s Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest and 1998`s Rushes.

Author Christopher Sanford, who wrote a recent biography titled McCartney, says that even during the Beatles days, it was McCartney who was constantly pushing the group to find new sounds in the studio: "Paul was the guy, I think, who was saying, `You know, we can take this to a new direction. We can try these instruments that have never been tried. Let`s get (producer) George Martin to have an orchestra playing out of tune!`And that was all McCartney."

Paul McCartney will perform in Ukraine on June 14th in Kyiv`s Independence Square, in a show called the Independence Concert.