Legendary musician Sir Paul McCartney will bring to Kyiv three cooks. Besides, a number of Ukrainian aides will help the British cooks to buy the freshest and ecologically clean products in Kyiv. Representatives of the Victor Pinchuk Fund claimed this to a press conference in Kyiv.

Sir Paul has already ordered nuts and soya-based milk. At present, organizers of the concert are busy with choosing dishes of the Ukrainian cuisine to propose the famous singer. The main menu of McCartney and his group will be based on vegetables, fruits, and dairy products.

On demand of McCartney, who is vegetarian, no leather furniture and even pictures with animals must be present in the hotel. Instead, he asked to install a piano and several palms in his rooms.

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Concert organizers also informed fans that McCartney likes flowers very much. His most favorable flowers are white lilies, white roses, and wild flowers.

Besides, Sir Paul asked to provide him with a bicycle. He has intent to cycle around Kyiv, and asked to show him the most famous and outstanding places of the Ukrainian capital.

Sir Paul McCartney will arrive in Kyiv on June 13, and will depart on June 15. He is also due to open his personal exhibition of works in PinchukArtCenter.

At present, Maydan Nezalezhnosti, the central square of Kyiv, is being actively prepared to the Independence Concert of Paul McCartney, which will begin at 21.00 on June 14.

According to the information of the concert organizers, this show is unmatched in the world, and, probably, will never repeat. Everything that is prepared at Maydan now is “exclusive”.

The Independence Concert will be broadcast in several cities of Ukraine simultaneously: in Odesa, Donetsk, Lviv, Kharkiv, and Dnipropetrovsk.

On the whole, around 500 people from different world countries are engaged in preparing the show.