Ukrainian Grain Association (UGA), that consolidates grain trading companies in Ukraine, considers as possible grain export from Ukraine in new MY (July 2008- June 2009) in the volume of 13.5 mln tones, according to APK-Inform.

According to their balances, wheat export may total 7 mln tonnes, barley- 4 mln tonnes, maize - nearly 2.5 mln tonnes, reported Vladimir Klimenko, President of UGA, during the press-conference on May 12.

As for grain export in current season, V. Klimenko said that in May Ukraine exported nearly 860.000 tonnes of grain and in June may additionally export no more than 1 mln tonnes.

According to him, due to lowering demand for wheat in the world, grain traders, working in Ukraine, face difficulties with grain shipments to the foreign markets.

As a reminder, this season the Ukrainian Government introduced restrictions for grain export, therefore Ukraine in the first half of the year almost halted grain export shipments. Since January 1 till April 30, the Cabinet of Ministers allowed export shipments of 1.2 mln tonnes of grain within quotas, and lately cancelled maize quotation and increased quotas by 1 mln tonnes for wheat and 0.5 mln tonnes for barley.

Since April 1, 2008, Ukraine cancelled maize export quotation and prolonged quotation of wheat, barley and rye export till April 30 without changes in the quotas volume, that totaled 200.000, 400.000 and 3.000 tonnes correspondingly.

In the end of May 2008, export quotation for all grain crops was cancelled.

Earlier, Ministry of Agrarian Policy forecasted grain export in 2008/2009 MY at the level of 13.5 mln tonnes.