The commission of disaster relief said at its session on Monday that the Chernorechensk reservoir which supplies water to 70% of Sevastopol residents is filling up extremely fast. If it overflows, the dam that regulates water discharges to the Chernaya River may break, TASS wrote.

"We need to inspect the dam before the reservoir fills up. At the end of March it will be too late to do something with the dam in case of problems," Sevastopol's de facto Governor Sergey Menyailo said at the session.

The reservoir currently holds more than 36 million cubic meters of water which by three times exceeds the volume at the start of 2015. Mountain rivers bring from 600,000 to 3 million cubic meters of water every day. It is forecasted that the volume of water in the reservoir will reach its maximum by April and stand at 64.2 million cubic meters.

In October 2014 the state of emergency was declared in Sevastopol because of shallowing Chernorechensk reservoir with water levels dropping to 7 million cubic meters. The city went through several months without rain, and mainland Ukraine closed the North Crimean canal which supplied water to Crimea from the Dnieper River.

However, by spring 2015 the level of water in the reservoir rose to 45 million cubic meters due to heavy rainfalls.