Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko hopes that 2008 will become a year of rebirth of aviaconstruction in Ukraine. According to the government’s press-office, she announced this on Saturday during a meeting in the issues of restructuring and development of aviation industry. “The Government will pay every effort aiming at financial improving of the branch,” Yulia Tymoshenko promised. According to her, the draft law “On making amendments to the State Budget of Ukraine for 2008” the Government has envisaged twofold increase of allotment for financing the branch as well as intends to find money to cover the deficit of enterprises of the area which totals 1.5 bn UAH for today.

Yulia Tymoshenko aired that Government is ready to secure state guarantees for strategic projects in aviaconstructing with the aim to attract financial resources. According to her, such a mechanism would enable drawing much more funds for the branch’s development as compared to direct allocations from the State Budget.

PM of Ukraine informed that a peculiarity of the modern state of aviation industry in Ukraine appears crisis of serial production of airplanes. Yulia Tymoshenko emphasized that over recent two years Kyiv Aviation Plant “Aviant” and Kharkiv State Aviation Enterprise haven’t produced any new plane in defined by the contracts terms. “We fail to explore markets and we disappoint the customers of these planes and in such a way Ukraine doesn’t respond to colossal demand of the market,” Premier of Ukraine declared.

Moreover Yulia Tymoshenko drew attention to nonfulfillment of obligations on the part of the State Aircraft Construction Concern “Aviation of Ukraine” in terms of AN-148 supplies to Kazakhstan, AN-32 planes to UAE and Lebanon, AN-74 planes to Egypt and Libya. “All this blocks foreign economic activity of the enterprise and undermines trust of the partners,” Yulia Tymoshenko is convinced.