“We analyzed the video and the sources of this video and we found out that this video based on the preliminary information was created outside of Ukraine... Where? We think in Russian Federation,” Avakyan told Ukraine Today.

The official also said that the Minister of Interior had met with the Ambassador of the Netherlands within 24 hours of the video's appearance: “It was a very important meeting and the ambassador of the Netherlands thanked us for rapid action.”

In the earlier comments to Ukraine Today, Avakyan said that it was a very well prepared provocation, but on a very low level. Elaborating on his comment, the Interior Ministry official said: “Uniform of those persons that appeared in the video was not the uniform of Azov brigade - it's the first, the second - the armament that they used were toys, it also was not real, also their accent - it was not the accent of dwellers of Ukraine.”

“We've decided not to use measures present to stop this video, because it is evidence of the fake, false, prepared campaign against Ukraine,” said Avakyan. “If we stop it now - we will show that we are afraid of such attempts... but it's very important that all publicity, all Europeans will see how Ukraine is attacked.”

“Such attacks were the base and the reason to create cyber police, it was the main reason. Because during Soviet time and in Post-Soviet Ukraine this direction was not very active, was not developed but present times the modern world faces very serious threat in the sphere of internet, phishing information concerning national interest of any country, particularly of Ukraine especially now during the anti-terroristic operation in the east of Ukraine,” said the official.

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