The expose produced by Paul Moreira sets out to examine the role of radical groups during the 2014 uprising and later, during clashes in Odesa that led to a deadly fire at the Trade Union's House, sparking a backlash, led by Ukrainian diplomats and a number of prominent French reporters, Ukraine Today reports.

Prior to the film's airing on Monday, Le Monde shone a spotlight on the film's distortions. Benedict Vitkine writes: "There is one major absence: Russian aggression in Ukraine. The war in Donbas is not mentioned until the middle of the film and only for minutes...The forced annexation of Crimea is summed up in one phrase; 'after the Ukrainian Revolution, its population voted overwhelmingly in a referendum to join with Russia."

In response, Paul Moreira defends his work - saying his probe was contrary to the commonly accepted narrative.

But we can only wait and see what impact the film will have on French opinions of Ukraine.

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