The Slovak parliament passed an agreement under which Ukrainians from border regions will be able to enter Slovakia without visas, the Czech news agency CTK said on Wednesday, according to Xinhua.

 Under the agreement, Ukrainians living in the border regions would need only a permit and passport to cross the Slovak border, CTK said.

 According to the agreement, across-the-border travel is to cover 295 towns and villages located within 50 kilometers along the state border and concern some 400,000 people, Ohryzko said previously, it added.

 Within the arrangement, Ukrainians will be able to stay in Slovakia for 30 days, but the total length of the stay in six months must not be longer than 90 days, according to CTK.

 The permit for across-the-border travel will be available for Ukrainian applicants at the General Consulate of Slovakia in Uzhhorod and at the General Consulate of Ukraine in Presov, East Slovakia.

 The applicants will pay 20 euros for the procedure, while children, pensioners and the disabled are exempt from the fee.

 Slovak Foreign Minister Jan Kubis said after meeting his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Ohryzko in May that the agreement could take effect in the summer.

 The Ukrainian parliament has not yet voted on it, Slovak Foreign Ministry spokesman Jan Skoda said on Wednesday.

 The agreement is to take effect 30 days of its ratification by both countries.

 Visas for Ukrainians have been reintroduced with Slovakia`s entry to the Schengen system last December. Slovaks do not need visas to travel to Ukraine.