"A total of 45,000 personnel are being dismissed now. Even if mobilization is announced, this figure will stand at 10,000-12,000, less than it was before," Poltorak said.

The minister stressed that the number of contract soldiers increased significantly after the improvement in material support for the army.

"Previously 200-300 people joined the contract military service monthly, this month alone 9,000 people have been enrolled following the first increase in monetary remuneration. We already have 7,000 of conscripts," the minister noted.

Poltorak also said that the next wave of mobilization would depend on the situation along the front line.

"Whether or not mobilization will be announced depends on the situation. Those steps undertaken by the president, the government, and the Ukrainian parliament to increase the monetary remuneration to servicemen instills us with optimism that over time we may be able not to mobilize at all if indeed there are no active hostilities," the minister said.

Poltorak added that the Defense Ministry has been developing amendments to the law on military service to facilitate a rapid transition to new standards.

"But once there is an open aggression and large-scale combat activates, all countries in the world resort to mobilization. Because contractors alone are not able to ensure the protection of a state," the minister said.

Poltorak added that demobilization will be carried out as scheduled – in March-April.