22 September 2017
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Russian embassy in Kyiv attacked, presents note of protest to Ukraine MFA

Russia's embassy in Ukraine presented a note of protest to the Ukrainian foreign ministry in connection with the attack on the embassy's building the night to Sunday, the embassy's press secretary Oleg Grishin told Russian news agency TASS.

"Regarding this incident, we have presented a note of protest to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry," he said, TASS reported.

The press secretary said, at night people in camouflage smocks, wearing facial masks, armed with baseball bats, attacked vehicles of the Russian embassy in Kyiv.

"They damaged greatly three cars," the press secretary said. "Besides, they threw several blasting cartridges onto the territory of the Russian diplomatic mission."

He said the attackers were clearly well equipped and the attack had been staged.

The Ukrainian media said earlier on Sunday the embassy's security had made several preventive shots in the air. Some sources say the attack was a protest against the court against Nadia Savchenko in Russia.

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