Premier Viktor Yanukovych declares about possibility to postpone Ukraine’s joining World Trade Organization till 2007, according to Ukrayinska Pravda.

“We shall decide this issue in 2007, if this year we do not have time,” said Yanukovych while representing the minister of foreign affairs Borys Tarasyuk.

He also marked that he instructed to learn draft of legislation necessary for Ukraine to join WTO.

Earlier President Viktor Yushchenko declared that Ukraine would enter WOT in autumn 2006.

In his turn Tarasyuk supposes that “now a process of Ukraine’s international movement to WTO is finished, and only some legislative acts are to be passed.”

He also reminded that participants of roundtable had decided the issue of Ukraine’s entering WTO till the end of 2006 as a priority.

According to him, Ukraine will try to become a member of WTO in spite of time when Russia joins this organization.

“We do not compete with Russian Federation. But we should finish this process in 2006,” said Tarasyuk.