At a mass media briefing, Pavlo Gaidutsky, Head of the Social and Economic Policy Department, said on March 23 Victor Yushchenko will preside over an energy meeting, according to the President’s press-office.

Ukraine’s long-term energy concept, “the first strategic energy document,” will be presented at this meeting. Approved by the government, it includes three scenarios: optimistic, basic and pessimistic.

“Even the basic scenario is quite realistic,” Mr. Gaidutsky said. “Twenty-five years will be enough to adopt European standards in energy efficiency and energy independence.”

It will take billions of hryvnyas to reduce our energy dependence by five times, increase energy production by three times and energy efficiency by 2.2 times.

“This sum is quite realistic and we can earn it by optimizing price, tariff and amortization policies, credits and investments,” he added.

According to the program, Ukrainians will have to pay European prices for energy in three-five years.

“This is the major factor that can really stimulate energy efficiency,” he said and added that the poor would be protected.

350 energy specialists from all oblasts of Ukraine will take part in tomorrow’s meeting.