Unknown people shot two businessmen in the center of Lviv at around 9.30 a.m. on Thursday.

According to the press-office of the Lviv Oblast Interior Ministry’s Directorate, offenders were waiting for the businessmen in a car. When they saw their “objects”, they shot them down.

One of the victims, a well-known Lviv businessman, born in 1973, died from wounds on the way to hospital. The other victim in a grave condition was taken to a resuscitation department of a local hospital.

According to the information of the Lviv Oblast Interior Ministry’s Directorate, the case is under investigation.

According to a source from law-enforcement agencies, the perished, Ihor Kulchytskiy, was a son of former famous football player Ihor Kulchytskiy, who also founded an investment company in the Lviv Oblast.

Besides, according to the source, the killed businessman was connected with criminal circles, where he was known as “Kulya” (“bullet”).

The other suffered businessman was his friend and partner.