US Ambassador in Ukraine William Taylor is satisfied that the issue of Ukraine’s membership in NATO will be decided in some years on the referendum, according to Ukrayinska Pravda.

He declared that on Wednesday press-conference in Donetsk, reports Ostrov.

“With great interest we observed how that issue was discussed by the politicians during Declaration of National unity signing, during the roundtable,” said Mr. Taylor.

“In our opinion the formulations in the Declaration concerning NATO, concerning Russian and Ukrainian languages are very constructive and positive,” he added.

The ambassador also marked that “during next few years Ukrainians would debate, discuss ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ concerning Ukraine’s accession to NATO; and according to the Declaration in few years the referendum on that issue should take place.”

“I suppose, it is a right way of this issue deciding. Neither Americans, nor Europeans and Russians should decide this issue. Only Ukrainians must decide it,” stressed Mr. Taylor.