As of the 1st of August, grains and legumes (without maize) were mowed and threshed on 6.88 mln hectares acreage that totals 54% from the whole sowing areas, according to APK-Inform. According to the data of State Statistics Committee, 17.46 mln tonnes were milled, down 9.5% from the previous year index.

56% from the total volume of grains falls to the share of wheat (9.7 mln tonnes), its gross harvest reduced by 30% as compared to August, 1, 2005.

The average yield capacity of grains in Ukraine totals 2.54 tonnes per hectare (down 0.15 tonnes per hectare from last year).

Winter wheat has the highest yield capacity - 2.74 tonnes per hectare (3.03 tonnes per hectare last year), winter barley - 2.46 tonnes per hectare (2.24 tonnes per hectare), spring barley - 2.32 tonnes per hectare (against 2.04 tonnes per hectare).