According to an UNIAN correspondent, the sentence was rendered by a board of judges of Holosiyivskyi district court in Kyiv, chaired by Judge Mykola Didyk.

The court found Alexandrov and Yerofeyev guilty under the following articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine: conducting an aggressive war (Article 437), participation in a terrorist organization (Article 258-3), commission of a terrorist act, which led to a person's death (Article 258 part 3).

At the same time the Russian citizens were acquitted on three charges: smuggling of weapons (Article 201), carrying a weapon without a permit (Article 263), violation of the rules of crossing the temporarily occupied territories (Article 332-1).

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The prosecutor's office requested to recognize the GRU servicemen guilty on all six charges, sentencing them to a 15-years’ imprisonment with confiscation of property and a ban for three years to hold positions in the power structures after serving the sentence.

The defense team asked the court to acquit its clients.

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During interrogation, Yerofeyev admitted that he headed the sabotage and reconnaissance group of 12 people, which included Alexandrov.

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