President Victor Yushchenko met with representatives of All-Ukrainian Churches and religious organizations on Wednesday, according to the President`s press-office.

Speaking to those present Victor Yushchenko expressed assurance that celebration of the 1020th anniversary of Christianization of Rus would be an impulse towards unification among Ukrainian Orthodox Churches. “I am positive that by joining our efforts we will overcome all the problems, strengthen accord in our deeds and faith in our hearts”, - he added.

Victor Yushchenko also opined that worthy celebration of this significant date is a matter of honor for entire Ukraine and re-expressed hope that the events dedicated to 1020th anniversary of Christianization of Rus would be held in an atmosphere of solidarity and mutual understanding.

Addressing those present Victor Yushchenko thanked them for their efforts in development of Ukrainian statehood, religion and culture. “I am sincerely grateful for your contribution into development of Ukrainian nation, strengthening mutual understanding and cooperation between different confessions and religions.

For their valuable efforts in development of spirituality in Ukraine, many years of prolific work and on the occasion of 1020th anniversary of Christianization of Kyivan Rus President Victor Yushchenko presented to the representatives of Ukrainian Churches, present at the meeting, with state awards.