President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko points out that the Orthodoxy played a unique role in forming the Ukrainian society.

According to the President`s press-office, Victor Yushchenko claimed this on Thursday speaking at “Regional Dialog Between Orthodox Churches and Faction of European People’s Party (Christian Democrats) – European Democrats” conference in Kyiv.

“In any society, the church plays an important, unique role in forming universal values and human morals. The development of statehood, written language, science, and education, is connected with the development and operation of the church”, Victor Yushchenko said in his welcoming speech to participants of the conference.

“The Christianization of Kyiv Rus by Prince Volodymyr formed the European fundamentals of  Ukraine.  The today’s celebration of the 1020th anniversary of this event is the holiday of our European [way of life]. By our moral and spiritual traditions, we are a constituent part of Europe. We have a full authority to live in the common European house – it is our strategic goal and we will achieve it”, the President of Ukraine summed up.