Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko instructed leaders of the Emergency Ministry and the Fuel and Energy Ministry to take measures on mitigation of hurricane consequences that occurred today`s night, as a result of which settlements in six Ukrainian regions suffered, according to the government`s press-office.

The Head of the Government also instructed the Agrarian Policy Minister to clear out what losses have been inflicted to agrarian enterprises of those regions and to render the necessary assistance to them.

As was reported, during a night from July 23 to July 24, as a result of complicated weather conditions (heavy rain and gusts to 20 meters/second in some localities), as well as due to a response of the electric transmission`s automated protection in six regions, 212 inhabited localities have been cut off the energy supply, in particular, 128 inhabited localities in the Rivne region, 28 - in the Odesa region, 24 - in the Vinnytsia region, 21 - in the Khmelnytsky region, 10 - in the Mykolayiv region and one in the Volyn region.

Teams of regional energy companies have been attracted to renewal of electric supply to inhabited localities.