Dr. Susanne S. Lotarski, President of the Ukraine- United States Business Council welcomed seventeen Ukrainian agribusiness executives to the United States and briefed them about the work of the Council in promoting commerce between the United States and Ukraine, according to the Action Ukraine Report.

Dr. Lotarski`s presentation was part of the opening day`s orientation for their one-month executive training program in "Agribusiness Association Development for Ukraine," organized by the U.S. Commerce Department`s Special American Business Internship Training Program, known as SABIT. Funding for the program is provided under the Freedom Support Act of 1992.

Dr. Lotarski cited the Ukraine-United States Business Council`s efforts on behalf of Ukraine in winning market economy designation by the Commerce Department and Congressional passage of legislation graduating Ukraine from the Jackson-Vanik Amendment and extending permanent normal trading relations as examples of what business associations can do to influence government policy and create a better business environment.

President Lotarski also pointed out that meetings organized by the Council, such as those with Ambassadors Shamshur and Taylor, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Daniel Fried, Ukrainian Economy Minister Yatsenyuk and Presidential Secretariat Deputy Chief Vasiunyk facilitate exchange of information and views between business and government.

The Ukrainian association executives and entrepreneurs were interested in learning about the Business Council`s organization and operation, especially that it is entirely funded and governed by American companies interested in promoting better conditions for expansion of trade and investment with Ukraine.

In welcoming the delegation, Dr. Lotarski noted her great pleasure that the SABIT training program, which she was instrumental in creating in 1990 while serving as Director of the Commerce Department`s Office of Eastern Europe, Russia and Independent States, has trained over 1,000 Ukrainian business people since her initial interviews in 1991 of over a hundred candidates, including Ukrainians, from across what was still the Soviet Union.

During their August 5 to September 2 stay in the United States, the Ukrainian executives will visit Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Fargo, North Dakota, Peoria and Chicago, Illinois, as well as Washington, DC. Ukraine-United States Business Council members Cargill and Case New Holland will host meetings and site visits for the Group.

Participating in the training in "Agribusiness Association Development for Ukraine" are nine association executives, four private farmers, four directors of agricultural cooperatives, and a representative of the Ministry of Agricultural Policy.  They represent the grain, fruit and vegetable, dairy, poultry, and baking sectors, as well as services, marketing and training for agriculture.

The associations represented include the Ukrainian Grain Association, the National Association of Advisory Services for agriculture, the Association of Rural Development of Poltava Region, the Kharkovsakhar Economic Association, the Association of Framers and Private Landowners of Poltava Region, the Federation of Auditors, Accountants and Financiers of Agroindustrial Complex, the National Association Ukrkonservmoloko (condensed and dry milk products), and Kharkovptitseprom (Poultry Association). 


The news was monitored by The Action Ukraine Report (AUR) Monitoring Service, Morgan Williams, Editor.