Russian rock-group DDT toured Ukraine on occasion of the 1020th anniversary of the Kyiv Rus Orthodox Baptism. On the eve of the DDT concert in Kyiv, which was transferred from the central square of Kyiv, Maydan Nezalezhnosti, to Khreshchatyk street, group’s frontman Yuri Shevchuk held a press conference.

In particular, asked about his participation in the Ukraine’s Orange Revolution, he said:

“Yes, I used to say that Russia and Ukraine are brothers and sisters. I remember that Maydan [the Orange Revolution], and I really liked it: the perfect eyes, the thirst for freedom… I came out at Maydan to say something about the friendship between Ukraine and Russia. It was my main idea.

I got to know just today that Yushchenko conferred the rank of the people’s artist of Ukraine on Russian citizen Phillip Kirkorov. And Kirkorov, when I was signing at Maydan, was making fortune campaigning for the opposite side [for the Party of Regions]. And could you imagine that paradox: I stood at Maydan, and I’m not allowed there any more, while Kirkorov became the people’s artist of Ukraine. Yushchenko said once he did not like Russian rock… Now I understand what he likes.