The number of people killed in floods in Ivano-Frankisvk Oblast makes not 13, as it was reported earlier, but 19, including 5 children. 50 villages are still cut off from electricity supplies, informs ZIK referring to the Oblast State Administration.

9 people died and 1 person reported missing in the Chernivtsi Oblast. Losses of the local agricultural-industrial complex are estimated at 1.5 billion hryvnias, according to deputy governor Vitaliy Usyk.

Two people were killed in floods in the Lviv Oblast. Thus, according to Kommersant-Ukrayina, local residents found dead body of a 25-year old woman in Tarnavka village of the Starosambirskiy district, and divers found body of a 47-year old local resident in the Unyatynske storage pond.