Lesya Ukrainka's "Forest Song" is now a computer game

15:00, 07 May 2016
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The “Forest Song,” a mythical fairy tale by one of Ukraine's most popular poets Lesya Ukrainka, comes to life in the U.S., in a computer game set to be released in about a year and a half, according to Ukraine Today.

"The game will be in Ukrainian, all the dialogues and conversations between characters, too,” said Dima Veryovka, “The Forest Song” co-creator, Ukraine Today reported. He added that the game will then be translated to other languages.

The creators of the "Forest Song" game picked a unique Ukrainian band Dakha Brakha to create an original soundtrack.

"We all went to the concert here in Seattle. The guys were truly amazed by the combination of traditional music and modern sound. We met with the band and they got truly excited over the idea, they promise to make something incredible," said Veryovka.

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