In Lviv President Victor Yushchenko held a consultative meeting on the situation in districts of Lviv region damaged by natural disaster of July 23-27, according to the President`s press-office.

The participants of the meeting discussed restoration of the territories damaged by floods and main targets before authorities with regard to that.

Separate attention they dedicated to implementation of program on strengthening riverbanks, improving drainage systems and other anti-flood measures.

Besides, in response to President’s request, Minister for Health Vasyl Knyazevych presented the report on epidemiological situation in Lviv region and in the remaining five regions that were damaged by the natural disaster.

At the meeting President Yushchenko requested the Government to resume financing state program «Tysa» which provides development of anti-flood infrastructure in the western regions of Ukraine.

He also addressed local authorities to watch the restoration works closely and visit the damaged areas as often as it is possible.