SBU claims intercepts two ISIS supporters before they get smuggled to EU via Ukraine

23:30, 01 June 2016
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Ukraine's Security Service has exposed an attempt to smuggle two supporters of the international terrorist organization Islamic state originally from Syria via in a transit route via Ukraine to Western Europe, the agency’s press service reports.


In the end of last week, during a search of one of Kharkiv apartments, the secret service officers found the organizer of a human trafficking channel and two foreign nationals prepared for further illegal transfer from Ukraine, the press service has told UNIAN.

Read alsoSBU thwarts May 9 terrorist attackAccording to the SBU, the organizer of the human trafficking channel was a citizen of a neighboring state, who himself is an illegal alien in Ukraine and is suspected of possible involvement in terrorism.

The perpetrator used one of the apartments in Kharkiv’s residential area to host ISIS supporters under the guise of religious activities, intending to send them to the European Union.

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