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“I am hopeful that the investigation will bring those responsible for leaking and publishing personal data of the journalists on Mirotvorets website to justice,” Mijatovic said.

Publishing this data could seriously endanger journalists’ safety,” Mijatovic said. “Journalists in Ukraine should be able to carry out their work in the Donbas region and elsewhere free from threats, harassment and intimidation.”

Read alsoScandalous Ukrainian website publishes new list of reporters "collaborating with Russia"As UNIAN reported earlier, Myrotvorets in a controversial move published personal data of about 5,000 journalists who were accredited by the self-proclaimed authorities in the militant-occupied areas of Donbas. Along with Ukrainian media employees, the list included foreign correspondents, journalists, photographers.

The data leak was heavily criticized by members of the Ukrainian press, some officials from the Information Policy Ministry, Ukrainian politicians, namely parliament's human rights commissioner Valeriya Lutkovskaya, as well as by EU and OSCE officials.

On May 11, the Prosecutor's Office of the City of Kyiv launched criminal proceedings under the recently enforced article of the Penal Code of Ukraine on obstruction of the lawful professional activity of a journalist.