Domestic sales of movies in Ukraine have grown by 16% in July compared with the same period of the last year, breaking the record of receipts from movies in the country.

According to the information of Kinobiznes Segodnya magazine (Russia), the total of receipts from movie sales made up US $4 million 280 thousand in Ukraine over the four weekends of July, which is by US$ 1 million 163 thousand, or 16%, more than in July of the year 2007.

Hancock became the highest-grossing film with US $1 million 365 thousand in sales, the second place was occupied by WALL-E with US 1 million 224 thousand, and the third was Hellboy-2 with US $1 million. 

As UNIAN reported earlier, some film distributors in Ukraine used to claim losses after the Constitutional Court of Ukraine ruled in December that all foreign films must be dubbed in Ukraine only in Ukrainian language.