President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko urgently leaves for Tbilisi.

UNIAN was informed about this at the press-service of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine.

According to the information of the Ministry, all actions and political-diplomatic measures undertaken by representatives of international organizations and some country leaders have yielded no result as yet.

The Russian Federation has advanced its military operations outside the Georgia’s conflict zone into other territories, and is threatening the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the independent state of Georgia.

The threat to lives of the local civilian population is growing every hour, as well as the number of refugees fleeing from the country.

Considering the situation, the Presidents of Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, and Estonia made decision to pay an urgent joint visit to Tbilisi on August 12.

The aim of the four European leaders’ mission is to meet with the democratically elected President of Georgia and his government and to stop the tragic developments.