Holding talks with Ukraine's Justice Minister Yuriy Petrenko, Ugaz stressed along with the anti-corruption measures political will is strongly needed, according to Ukraine Today.

It is only Ukrainian judges who are entitled to enact the decisions on returning the stolen money, said the executive director of Transparency International office in Ukraine Yaroslav Yurchyshyn. He stresses the process may last for dozens of months as Ukraine is in need of efficient anti-corruption schemes, as well as Ukraine's Prosecutor's General Office assistance.

"Our current situation is rather complicated since only with the decisions made by Ukrainian judges we will get the chance to appeal to the international law. Numerous courts are ready to assist us in recovering the stolen assets, but we need to enact official asset seizure of the criminal officials according to Ukrainian laws," stresses Yurchyshyn.

Earlier in June Ukraine's president Petro Poroshenko met with Jose Ugaz, Chair of Transparency International, asking him to assist in recovering the assets stolen during Yanukovych's cadence.

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