The Ukrainian strategic reconnaissance should be busy with waging an informational resistance campaign against Russia.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, Valentyn Badrak, head of the Center for Army, Conversion, and Disarmament Studies, claimed this to a press conference today.

Speaking about scales of the Russian informational influence upon Ukraine, he noted that the “Russian informational-analytical structures advanced at the Ukrainian territory during the whole period of the Ukrainian independence”.

“At the same time, unfortunately, Ukraine has difficulties in this situation. It may be compared with a fight of a big adult fighter with a 13-y old boy”, the expert said.

In this connection, V.Badrak drew a conclusions that active informational operations of Russia against Ukraine are carried out almost daily. At the same time, the expert noted, Ukraine offers almost no active resistance. “The only thing that we may admit as of today is that such structures as the Interior Ministry and Presidential Secretariat began to respond more actively to this or that information. But this is only defense”, V.Badrak.

“Ukrainian secret service should take it into attention and work in the sphere of “humanitarian operations”, the expert stressed.