The fire and blasts at an ammunition depot in eastern Ukraine have been localized, Ukrainian First Vice-Premier Oleksandr Turchynov said Thursday, according to Xinhua.

    "The fire and blasts have been localized within the depot, they are isolated," said Turchynov, who rushed to the scene in the town of Lozova in Kharkiv region.

    He said the danger area around the depot has been restricted to3 kilometer-radius zone, and freight railway traffic is being resumed.

    "An intensive stage of fire suppression will begin on Friday morning," Turchynov said.

    According to a statement released by the Defense Ministry, by the evening of Thursday, no casualties have been reported from the fire and blasts at the ammunition dump.

    "Nobody has turned to the doctors by now. This shows that there have been no victims yet," the statement said.

    The fire first broke out on Wednesday in a nearby forest, where high winds prevented the fire services from extinguishing it, and swept into the ammunition dump, a preliminary investigation showed.