Queen + Paul Rorgers will head a massive outdoor concert in one of Europe`s biggest public squares ahead of the start of their forthcoming European tour to support Ukraine`s Anti-AIDS campaign, according to Roadrunner Records.

Promoting the message "Don`t let AIDS to ruin your life!", Queen will perform a free concert in Kharkov`s historic Freedom Square on September 12. The concert is expected to attract more than 100,000 to Europe`s second-largest city-centre square.

Supported by Queen`s own HIV AIDS charity, The Mercury Phoenix Trust, the free concert is being organized by the Elena Franchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation and is being devoted to the fight against AIDS in the Ukraine.

Coming just a week after the birthday of their lost lead singer — Freddie Mercury, who died of AIDS in 1991 — the concert aims to reinforce the message of the Ukrainian ANTIAIDS Foundation that the need to protect ourselves and our families remains as urgent as ever.

The concert will be broadcast live on Ukraine`s Noviy channel which will reach into homes right across the country. It will be a prelude to the launch the following day on the national channel of a new five year ANTIADS campaign, "On the Edge" being fronted by the Elena Franchuk Foundation which aims to tackle head-on the growing threat of HIV AIDS infection in the country.

For Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor, now joined by legendary rock vocalist and writer Paul Rodgers, the concert is one of many the band has played to address the issue of HIV AIDS. In June the band joined a host of international stars in London`s Hyde Park at the 46664 concert to celebrate Nelson Mandela`s 90th birthday and generate further awareness of the work being done by Mandela`s HIV AIDS organization.

During their visit to the Ukraine, Queen + Paul Rodgers will join Elena Franchuk at a special press conference in Kyiv on September 11 and a visit to Red University where they will discuss with a group of students the subject of world efforts being made to address HIV/AIDS.

Roadrunner Records