On August 21, Secretariat Chief of Staff Oleh Rybachuk took part in a conference to present a recently published book “Ukraine Development 2006”, according to the President’s press-office.

Opening the event, Mr. Rybachuk said Ukraine`s government had radically changed its dialogue with businessmen in the past several years, adding that the strength of our country directly depended on the dynamics of business.

“Today the government treats businessmen as equal partners,” he said.

The Chief of Staff said Ukraine’s policies were aimed at improving the investment climate by “reducing regulatory pressure."

He said Ukraine was interested in engaging in Europe’s economic processes and particularly wanted to become an active player in the energy market.

“But we need to reform our own energy sector first,” he said.


Mr. Rybachuk complained there were not many sources of investment and that investments were unevenly distributed throughout Ukraine. He then urged businessmen to invest their money in high-tech and strategically important industries.