Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko stands against mass uncontrolled advertisement of medical products, biologically active dietary supplements and medical purpose goods. The Head of Government announced in the course of a meeting dedicated to medical maintenance, according to government’s press-office.

“Who has empowered to cure people through commercials? Who has empowered avoiding medical examination, without a really adequate choice of pharmaceuticals taking into account health problems to advertise medicine and make it practically a system of inadequate treatment? There is no civilized country in the world where such things happen and it cannot be afforded,” Yulia Tymoshenko urged.

According to the Head of Government the country faces a situation when a consumer personally chooses medicine, influenced by total commercials and, as a rule, doesn’t possess information about therapeutic effectiveness of a medicine and its side actions, while the price is imposed both by the advertisements and a respective system built in the country, which entail additional profits of therapeutists. “Nonetheless, pharmaceuticals which are often pressed by a therapist or a pharmacist don’t appear the best out of the amount of the medicine proposed, and it is a great trouble,” Yulia Tymoshenko stressed.