President Victor Yushchenko met today with Ambassadors from countries of G-7 to Ukraine, according to the President`s press-office.

At the meeting President stressed that Ukraine’s course towards European and Euro-Atlantic integration remains unchanged.

“I would like to emphasize that we see this road with a two-way traffic. For European and world community, I am assured, it is important to expand territory of security and peace too”, - he said.

Speaking about internal situation in Ukraine and about the events in the Verkhovna Rada in particular President Yushchenko stressed opinion that the alliance between BYuT, Party of Regions and communists is unstable and will not last long.

At the same time he assured those present that regardless of decisions within the Parliament on formation of a new coalition or appointment of a new Government Ukraine will be able to find the way to make them constitutional and democratic.

Making comments on Ukrainian-Russian relations with regard to Russian-Georgian conflict and Ukraine’s position towards it, President Yushchenko said that our country is willing them to be further equal and mutually profitable as they should be between two strategic partners.

“It is not our aim to increase tension”, - he said, adding however that unfortunately Ukraine’s position does not always find understanding of our Russian partners.