"We all know that there is a problem in the ministry of health. Healthcare is not at the same level, at the same standard as it is in the rest of Europe. The Ukrainian nation is decreasing in size. Every year more people die than are born. And soon the Ukrainian nation will have 35 million people. In 2050 the projected amount is lower than in 1950. And that's a really big problem,” Ms Suprun said in an interview with Ukraine Today.

“The problem is the manner in which the healthcare services are being provided to the patients, quality of care is not very high on the priorities on the way medicine is delivered. In most civilized countries – the patient is in the center of care, the patient is important and the financing of the system is built around the needs of the patient. In Ukraine, unfortunately, it's the old soviet system, the system exists for the sake of the system and not for the sake of the patient,” said Ulyana Suprun.

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“Much of the ministry of health is closed off. Most people do not know what's going on behind those closed doors and there hasn't been a good explanation on what the changes would be. What the system will look like in the future if these changes come about. And I think that one of the really big issues that happen here is the communication,” Ms Suprun said.

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