"Today is an important and solemn day for the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces. This is the result of the joint and coordinated work of many people. Today, we sign the law completing the establishment of the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine," Poroshenko noted, the president's press service reported.

The Head of State emphasized that "it is absolutely important in these conditions to protect Ukraine from the aggression unleashed by the Russian Federation against us," and described the new law as a "demand of time for the defense of Ukraine to become much more efficient."

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The law is seen as meeting NATO standards and fully complies with the tasks of the Ukraine-NATO cooperation, as part of the SOF establishment. It also complies with the provisions of the Strategic Defense Bulletin.

According to the President, Ukraine has already established a special center and special training programs that allow quick and qualitative training of special operations forces.

"In 2014, special operations forces had nothing except their morale. Look at the work we've done over the past two years. Our special operations forces will definitely prove themselves," Poroshenko added.

The President congratulated representatives of the Special Operations Forces on the establishment of a new separate unit in the Armed Forces, and stated that such units enjoyed great trust and respect among Ukrainians.