"Apparently, people who have taken power in their hands in Kyiv and continue to hang on to it, instead of searching for those very compromises that we’ve talked about in the case of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, instead of looking for ways of a peaceful settlement, have moved to terror practices," Putin said.

In this context, he has referred to an assassination attempt on the "leader of Luhansk region, and now the attempt on the Crimean territory."

"Trying to provoke a wave of violence and provoke a conflict is nothing more than an attempt to divert public attention from those who have seized power in Kyiv and continue to rob their own people in order to hold on to this power for as long as possible and to create conditions for continuation of robbery committed against own citizens," Putin said.

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He stated that "this is a very dangerous game", and Russia will take all the measures to ensure safety.

The Russian president also said it made no sense to have a "Normandy four" meeting in the current circumstances.

As known, the leaders of four countries – Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany – have met periodically to discuss the conflict in eastern Ukraine. A meeting of the four was planned at the G20 summit in China next month.

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