A swift growth of the US dollar against the Ukrainian national currency took place on the interbank market in Ukraine on Wednesday. The hryvnia cash exchange rate against the dollar in Kyiv topped UAH 4.94/$1 at 12.00 on September 17. At the same time, the Ukraine’s central bank did not intervene the market because the exchange rate did not exceed the corridor established by the Main Principle of Monetary Policy (for the year 2008 – UAH 4.85/$1 + - 4%).

However, as early as this morning, the cash hryvnia exchange rate began to grow again. As of 9.00 a.m. of Sept 18, the cash hryvnia exchange rate varied in Kyiv from UAH 4.86/5.05 per $1 [purchase and sale respectively], and from UAH 6.90/7.25 per EUR 1.