On Friday morning, 30 cars were standing at the Zaitseve checkpoint to cross the demarcation line from the uncontrolled territory, while 150 cars were waiting in the opposite direction. A total of 250 cars were expected to enter at the Maryinka checkpoint and 200 cars to exit. At the Novotroyitske and Hnutove checkpoints, 15 and 10 cars were expected clearance for entry, respectively, and 20 and five cars for exit, respectively.

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Yesterday, the border guards once again recorded statements on bribes being offered by citizens at the checkpoints on the demarcation line. At the Zaitseve, Hnutove and Maryinka checkpoints, in three cases, fellow citizens and a citizen of Uzbekistan attempted to "solve" the issue of crossing the demarcation line by offering a bribe of almost UAH 1,000 to law enforcement officers.

In all three cases, the citizens were refused passage, following which the cases were transferred to the police in Donetsk region.