A gas transportation consortium is planned to be created in October 2006, according to NCRU. Also, natural gas direct supplies from Turkmenistan to Ukraine are supposed to be resumed in 2006, Minister for Fuels and Energy Yuriy Boyko predicted.

According to the Minister, the story is about creating the gas transportation consortium in an initial format under the agreement signed in autumn 2004. In particular, a new gas transportation facilities are supposed to be constructed, the gas pipeline Bohorodchany - Uzhhorod, as well as filling the gas pipelines Ivantsevychi - Dolyna and Torzhok - Dolyna with gas. In 2002 Ukraine and Russia agreed upon creating an international gas consortium, in January 2003 the NaftoGaz Ukrainy and the Russian Gazprom registered the consortium as a legal entity with the share of 50 percent each. In May 2004 the NaftoGaz Ukrainy, Gazprom and Ruhrgas AG (Germany) agreed upon conditions of participation of the German party in the consortium and in mid 2004 Poland aired its interestedness in staking in the gas consortium, too. As for Turkmen gas supplies, Mr Boyko reassured the necessary contract will be signed.