"The situation on the administrative border remains calm. All control checkpoints are operating normally. If we speak about trends, 22% fewer people crossed the administrative border in the past day. Most people crossing the border are leaving the occupied peninsula, not entering it. This morning, there were no queues of vehicles at the checkpoints," he said.

Read alsoUkraine border guards spot Lynx aerostat, Mi-8 helicopters on border with CrimeaFurther, according to Slobodyan, there is a line of people from the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea who are trying to leave the peninsula.

Meanwhile, Russian military activity has decreased.

"Speaking about the activity of the Russian armed forces, during the last week we said that they were highly active on the administrative border. Yesterday, we recorded a decline in this activity, including a lack of helicopter which lead the monitoring and other lethal devices," Slobodyan said.