The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine accuses Russia of interference into internal affairs of Ukraine.

According to the Ministry’s statement forwarded to UNIAN, despite loud statements of the Russian Federation leadership about their non-interference into internal affairs of Ukraine, the Russian side, nevertheless, could not vanquish temptation to play the “Crimean card”.

On September 29, the Russian Representative to OSCE disseminated an address of participants of a so-called Crimean meeting “On Rough Violation of Main Constitutional Authorities of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea by the Incumbent Regime of Ukraine”.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry points out that the statement’s motives are clearly provocative and were inspired by anti-Ukrainian forces that have been trying to do their best prove their loyalty to the foreign consumer.

Probably, the Ukrainian Ministry believes, representatives of the “fifth column” did not confine themselves to attempts to rouse the indignation of society at the policy of democratically elected leadership of Ukraine, and tried to slander it in the eyes of the world community.

The Foreign Ministry said in its statement that, in order to destabilize the situation in Crimea, they use methods and dirty techniques of the 90ies, which were aimed at forming separatist movements at the territory of the former USSR.

“The actions of the Russian diplomatic mission in Vienna, approved by Kremlin, do not correspond to the diplomatic ethics and rules of international communication. These actions can be regarded only as a blatant and rough interference into internal affairs of our state, and are contrary to the interests of Ukraine and Russia”, reads the statement.