Talks of Ukrainian and Russian delegations in Moscow may not take place today.

Prime Minister’s spokes person Maryna Soroka disclosed this to UNIAN.

“All the governmental delegation was deliberately cut off from the Prime Minister”, M.Soroka said.

She pointed out that this morning the President occupied the plane prepared for the governmental delegation of Ukraine, which was due to fly to Moscow for gas talks. Delegation participants have to arrive to the Russian capital by other planes.

“Two planes with Ministers and journalists on board have not taken off as yet. They may not get to Novo-Ogarevo residence by the time for which the talks of the two delegations were scheduled”, M.Soroka said.

As UNIAN reported earlier, Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko was delayed flying to talks in Moscow on Thursday when President Viktor Yushchenko, her estranged political ally, commandeered her plane, she told reporters.

The reporters said government officials had found a charter aircraft and she had taken off for Moscow with a small delay.

Yushchenko`s press service said a plane taking him to the western city of Lviv had developed technical difficulties and returned to Kyiv, where he had taken a "reserve" plane.

It gave no indication that the aircraft had originally been designated for Tymoshenko.