As of October 13, Ukraine harvested 46.13 mln tonnes of grain, an increase of nearly 70% compared to the same date of 2007, according to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, according to APK-Inform.

Ukrainian agrarians harvested grain and legumes throughout 13.6 mln ha or 88% of planned areas. An average yield totals 34.7 c/ha as opposed to 22.1 c/ha in the previous year.

Maize harvest totaled 3.25 mln tonnes throughout 0.77 mln ha (30% of planned areas) with an average yield of 42.2 c/ha.

According to the Ministry, agrarians also harvested 263.000 tonnes of buckwheat throughout 248.500 ha, 229.600 tonnes of millet throughout 134.200 ha, 51.500 tonnes of rice from 9.400 ha areas, 246.300 tones of soybean throughout 160.700 ha.

As of October 13, the farmers harvested 4.27 mln tonnes of sunseed throughout 2.81 mln ha with an average yield of 15.2 c/ha.

Ukraine continues winter crops sowing campaign. To date, Ukraine has sowed 6.26 mln ha or 86% of planned areas with winter crops, including 1.28 mln ha of winter rapeseed (100% of planned territory). Winter grains sowed areas totals 6.39 mln ha or 86% of planned territory, including 5.39 mln ha of winter wheat.